Is our business and our cause

Scanmetals A/S is a recycling company – founded in 2002 based on an innovative and sustainable technology for an optimal utilization of resources. Using innovative and effective solutions, Scanmetals recovers and refines metallic waste from incineration plants for the purpose of recycling.
The overall objective is development and improvement of technologies and processes for sorting and extracting fine non-ferrous metals for greater environmental benefit.

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Innovative Recycling

Our method is built on the fact that during incineration of waste inert ash covers metal pieces and make it difficult to extract. Most part of the metal pieces are lost in the ashes, using today’s common methods. We prefer   a complete segregation in our process. The products we sell are thus dry produced metals from incineration.

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Our DRYINC © Quality Products

Our DRY INC © products originate from household waste incineration plants. The main reason to burn waste is to recover energy, but for health and environmental considerations the incineration of waste also helps close open air depots and landfills.

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